We have many dream projects for society in which we have given priority to medical and women training because if women of a house is educated trained and aware of everything next generation will be more beneficial for society and good health and healthy mind is base of every development in society. Apart from it, maintaining a hygienic life in Indian villages and cities is also at a high priority. We also take great care in upliftment of downtrodden in villages as well as cities specially women and slum children.

Heal & Help Dream Projects are
Providing the best possible medical treatment and medicinal facilities in each and every village of the state of Uttar Pradesh.
Spreading awareness of AIDS in the masses, rural as well as urban.
Keeping a pace with the 'Education for All' motto in rural areas with a special emphasis toward women education.
Taking care of maintaining proper hygienic condition throughout the state.
Arranging education and employment for children of weaker and under privileged section of urban society.
Making Women in both rural and urban areas aware of their social and legal rights.

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