Heal and Help is a Non Government Non Profit Organisation working for the growth and progress of the village areas especially in the State of Uttar Pradesh of India in the field of Medicines, Education for All and Hygiene. Apart from this, dealing with the problems of the women and children and providing a suitable and effective solution is its main activity in the urban areas of the country.


Key Problems, “Heal & Help” is working on :


Women Education –


You can tell the condition of a nation by looking at the status of its women.


  - Jawaharlal Nehru


Woman is the mother of the child, the future of the nation. How shall she provide a quality life, health & hygiene and education to her child if she is herself illiterate and uninformed?  But the big truth is – women and girls education is one of the most ignored aspect of today’s life, not only in Indian villages but also in cities.




There is no permanent cure available for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). It could be only prevented through the knowledge of its nature, symptoms and cure of which general Indian masses are still unaware.


Child Upliftment –


‘Street Children’ is a term people love to discuss and write articles in today’s high class society. Pictures of browbeaten children are published in newspapers and international magazines and film footage are shown on TV. What else…..



Areas of our activities in villages are:


1. In the Field of Medicines -


Heal & Help provides aid and assistance in the setup of Hospitals or Medical Centres along with lending a helping hand to the hospitals and institutions already operating in villages and are in short of proper assistance and supply. We organise regular medical camps in distant rural places arranging good doctors and nurses from cities. Our ambulances are always ready for action if ever a need arises to shift a poor farmer from a remote village to a hospital in the city with better facilities and services.


2. In the Field of Education –


Education for All is our motto. It’s our goal to get every individual educated in the villages of Uttar Pradesh. Illiteracy is prevalent and widespread in the villages of Uttar Pradesh. Not only children but most of the elders and almost all the women lack even basic education.  It makes our job more responsible and accountable to today’s ‘Growing’ ‘Shining’ ‘Incredible’ India. Schools are setup and teachers are appointed with our help and support across the state villages to provide basic education to all children and elder populations. Afternoon and evening classes separately arranged to suite the timings of farmers and house-ladies. Apart from it, frequent Education Awareness Camps are organised in small towns and villages to spread the awareness of education throughout the rural masses by Heal & Help.


3. In the Field of Hygiene –


The promotion and preservation of health, hygiene, is adopted as a principle by Heal & Help. Though it could have been taken as a part of the medical health programme of Heal & Help. But the problem is so grieve today and the awareness is at the lowest (or to be very true, nil) that we decided to take it as a core duty of our institution. Every worker of Heal & Help, whether a regular employee or a volunteer, a doctor or a teacher, a nurse or a driver, is given the responsibility to tell, teach and spread the message of hygiene in the every corner of a village, of the state, of India or around the world, wherever she / he is and whatever she / he is doing. Everybody at Heal & Help is devoted for the cause.



Heal & Help Urban Activities :


Not only in Indian villages but in a big part of urban life also, mainly in slums or jhuggi-jhopadi areas, children are deprived of their social and human rights. They are not getting proper, or any education. They start working very young age to feed themselves, and sometimes their parents too. They are forced to beg. Heal & Help is working for the upliftment of these children day and night.


We focus is on better education and employment generation activities for these children who are deprived of good education and career opportunities. Heal & Help is also in the process of establishing school sponsorship programmes for disadvantaged children with special interest in the disabled children.


To spread awareness of their social and legal rights in women is our other prime activity in urban areas. Awareness of women's right is regarded as being extremely important if women are to be able to influence political processes and their own development. Heal & Help has focused on this area and initiated processes for analysis and the sharing of experience with other institutions and organizations working in this field.

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